Not a Real Hiatus

I’m not ignoring this blog, I promise. The problem is that I have been feeling stressed lately, and we’ve been looking at wedding venues (two separate links!), which is making me get really antsy about the wedding. Plus I’m going to NYC this weekend for shiggles and dress searching with my MoH’s (not planning to buy, especially in NYC, but it’s an excuse to get away for a couple days and have some fun). Thus I’m pretty exclusively blogging at the wedding site. Not to mention the fact that, other than the wedding, my life is pretty damn boring lately.

WIT is super dull–it’s the height of the year in Operations because of Housing Selection, yet I’ve still been given nothing to do.

MCPHS is better, but it’s still pretty slow until after warnings go out and I can finally start meeting with students that are academically at-risk (ooo, that’s a good phrase to put in my resume!)

Classes are pretty average; not a lot of work, but I do have a project in a couple weeks that I need to get the reading done for so I can get together with my partner and plan. I am so absolutely done with this semester it’s not even funny. Just get me out and into a job!

And I still have to work on my presentation for the True Colors Conference, which I’ll do after we get back from our trip to NJ next week.


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