Yet Another Chapter Closed

I’m officially done with graduate school. I still have a week of my Graduate Assistantship left, but it’s not actually part of my education–it’s more like a Work Study job, only without the financial need requirement. Graduation is May 6, and I have a couple of events left, but they are basically just fun events with my cohort.

It’s surreal thinking that I’m done with graduate school. I now have to get my ass in gear and start applying for jobs because I am BROKE. The idea of applying for and getting a job is stressful as hell, and I know that stress leads me to shut down, which is very bad. I just have to set goals for myself and make sure I apply to at least one job every day during the week  and I will feel like I I’m making progress.

I’m tired, and am not in the best place mentally for myriad reasons, none of which I have any interest in discussing with anyone, let alone the random public that may or may not read my blog. Not that I don’t consider many of you to be actual friends, but I just don’t have the energy, know what I mean?

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  1. Joe

    Hugs! A puppy fix tonight might help you feel better!