Organization Just Got Built-In

My life revolves around Google. I have totally been assimilated and do SO much through Google: 3 email addresses, 2 calendars, Google Docs, Picasa, etc. Honestly, if Google ever crashed, I’d be lost for a while.

One thing with the calendar feature is that I do a bunch of different things and initially separated my calendars based on ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ stuff, shared with each other and assigned different colors. NOW though,

Google Calendar still doesn’t offer support for labels, but you can now pick a color for each event. By default, each event inherits the calendar’s color, but you can change it by clicking the event and using the small drop-down displayed next to the event’s title.

This is fantastic news, and I am giving it a shot on my personal calendar. I created a secondary calendar on that account for Girl Scout stuff so that I could assign another color to it (can you tell I’m a visual learner?). I’m hoping that with this new feature, I will be able to condense all of my calendars back into one main account so I don’t have to jump back and forth between accounts on my computer and/or phone (which has been the biggest pain in the ass).

This absolutely has my OCD in a happy place!


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2 responses to “Organization Just Got Built-In

  1. Actually, you don’t have to jump calendars. Set up one main calendar, then create the other two off of it, have them display on your main calendar (with their own colors of course). Then, click on any of the 3 calendar views and “add an event”… it asks you which of your calendars you want to put it on! 🙂

    I use this all the time, as I have a household calendar (for doctor appointments, reminders about contractors, etc), my own calendar (meditation reminders, homework for school, etc), my professional calendar (a public calendar available from my website, which lists times when I am busy and not busy, but doesn’t necessarily tell people why), and I also run the church calendar. 🙂

  2. eternalhearts

    I wasn’t quite as clear as I should have been–I do that with the calendars online, but it’s MUCH harder to do on my Blackberry, which was why I initially separated them out so I could visualize it on that screen.