The jury is still out on the new Google Calendar feature because I just haven’t had enough opportunity to play with it now that I’m no longer in school or work.

I need something to do…I’ve lost a lot of my motivation because I’m not doing anything. I really need to get myself in gear and do more housework. Part of it is because it’s just easier to sit around and get lost on the internet, part of it is the fact that it’s been overcast for a week with no signs of letting up. I posted before about my commitment to post more and do more things that are good for me during the intervening time until I find a job. I haven’t done TOO badly at the job thing, but am doing horribly with the blogging and reading. I have a To-Do list on my phone and a daily reminder to check that list, so am trying to stay active, or at least do the things I HAVE to do, but I need more.

I guess most of my feelings of uselessness stem from the fact that I’ve been used to going non-stop from 8am through 10pm most days each week, and now I don’t have nearly enough to fill my time. This means I shouldn’t be too down on myself, yet I am. I’m glad Ellie has tomorrow off & we’ll be getting out of the house to meet with a potential photographer for our wedding.


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