Public Blogging?

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I should stop blogging here and create a new blog that is less personal and that I’d be more willing to let anyone read. I’d keep my personality in the new blog since there’s not MUCH I want to hide from the internet at large, but I know that this blog has some stuff that is less than professional-friendly and the username “eternalhearts” is my “play” name.

The new blog would pretty much cover the same stuff I discuss now: interesting articles/newsbits/links, Girl Scouts, Higher Education and Student Affairs, Foodie Findings, Red Sox, etc, but I’d be less apt to just rant like a baby (I have LJ/Dreamwidth for that) or bitch about inane things. Heck, I might even transfer most of this blog over to the new one!

I’d REALLY like feedback on this!

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