Waste Not, Want Not

The other day, Melia at 4 of Wands wrote an interesting post to spread the word about a new “fundraiser” being done by Lori Drake, whose blog is Warriors and Kin at the Pagan Newswire Collective. Here’s an excerpt from the Facebook page Lori created:

“This is a charity/fundraiser of sorts that doesn’t require anyone to show up in person, give money they don’t have, donate labor their bodies can’t handle or even represent one locality or another. All this campaign takes is a few extra moments of each person’s time, doing something they may already do. It only costs a stamp or two and an envelope, and I (Lori Dake) pretty much do the rest. And by us sending over these coupons, it helps military families on a very tight budget, and we do so without a Bible or any strings attached. All they know is the batch came from a bunch of Pagan folks. That’s all. I’m not including Scripture, or spells, or incense (though they do have a bit of an embedded dragon’s blood scent to them haha). If they wish to thank us, and of course that would be nice, there’s always a return address included and a sticky note thanking them for their service and sacrifices.

If you’d like to help out, please mail your coupons to:

Lori Dake – PNC Military
PO Box 306
Chicago, IL 60690-0306
United States

Send only manufacturer coupons (not in-store promotions), and no older than two months expired. Overseas commissaries accept them up to six months expired, but they still need time to get there and dispersed. “

Sending coupons to the troops is something that has gone around on the Girl Scout lists before and I keep forgetting about it. Well, no more. If I am going to be a member of the Board at Ethosian, and am truly going to live by the Girl Scout law to “use resources wisely,” then I am going to make this simple change in my life and hope some (if not all) of you will to. I like that Lori is doing this as a pagan fundraiser–there are too many out there that (rightfully) think pagans make hippies look right-wing, or are too caught up in the Otherworlds to pay attention to mundane life, or that we’re eating babies–this is a simple way to show that pagans and people of ‘alternative’ faiths are good people who want to do good for others.

You don’t have to be pagan to participate! You just can’t mind being lumped in with us 😀



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  1. yes! Spread the word! Thanks for mentioning me!

  2. Beth

    That’s excellent!