T Happenings

I ride the MBTA to and from work pretty much every work day, and have been for over 2 years. Most days are fairly standard. By standard, I mean “packed tighter than sardines with the backpack of some jackass who can’t be bothered to take it off jammed into my back and the armpit of another asshat pressed into my face because he couldn’t wait 10 more minutes for a new train.”

Today was a little different, and not just because I got a seat due to most people taking the holiday week off. At South Station, a guy about my age gets on, and I overhear him say, “Step into the car. Don’t be n00bs and don’t bother the real commuters” as about 20 high school aged kids follow him onto the train. I smiled, because this guy obviously had an idea of what was going on, unlike most teachers that think bringing their brats into the “big city” during morning rush hour is a grand idea. Then he told them to “Hold on. With 2 hands. That strap might not be your best option.” Of course I snickered as flashbacks of many a ride where some moron is holding on for dear life but still falls all over herself (and every other passenger within a 10-foot vicinity) as the train starts (and stops of course, because she can’t learn from her first mistake…).

Mr. Teacher happened to be standing in front of me and I smiled at him, making some quip about how even regular T riders had trouble with that. We chatted the next few stops about their excursion to MIT and commuting. When I got off at Park, both he and some of the kids wished me a good day. It was really refreshing to not only have an easy commute, but a pleasurable one at that. Thank you random teacher and high schoolers from Lakeville. Best of luck with your History Fair


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3 responses to “T Happenings

  1. Tina Barkley

    WOW, even though it didn’t happen to me…that kind of made my day. It’s nice to hear that there are still some genuinely nice and respectful people out there.

  2. Whoa, listen to that East Coast snark (to borrow a phrase used by another Bay Stater)! No matter what, at least you can be sure that riding the T is far better than braving the Mass. Pike or 128! Too bad the T is so popular out of necessity, though, and everyone and their brother smooshes onto it.

  3. Actually Beth, I’d put them as equal–if I’m stuck in traffic, at least I’m sitting, alone, and am not sweating to death.