Rambling [Wo]Man

Yeah, it’s been a while…I’ve been busy posting on the Wedding Blog. And even that’s been pretty infrequent until just recently. I guess I just don’t feel very interesting right now–the wedding is taking more of a driver’s seat, work is crappy, I’m having a hard time with my dad having a hard time about my mom, and there’s really nothing interesting happening.

I’ve also re-considered just shutting this whole thing down and creating a new blog where I feel freer to post about things that might reach a bigger audience. Technically, I could just re-purpose this blog–I don’t think I have anything here to REALLY be embarrassed about, and who would really take the time to go through the past, what…5 or 6 years just to find a few F-bombs and general emo-ness?

I guess what a lot of this comes down to is that I am feeling the Winter blahs and am, at some level, unsatisfied with my life. I  shouldn’t be, but maybe some of this is an extension of my #oneword2012–I feel kind of fragmented, and want to Focus my life into something more whole.

Nope, I don’t know where I was going with this…

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