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Foodie Findings: VT Brewers Festival

Absolutely amazing! This was my first beer festival and I’ve become a huge fan–I can’t wait until next year!

The price of admission includes 15 sampling tickets and a 5oz souvenir glass (they say you get 3oz pours, but most brewers were giving closer to 4oz). I’ll be completely honest, I thought it wouldn’t be enough, but after 4 hours, I was beyond drunk! 15 tickets won’t allow you to try even half of ¬†the brews, but if you follow my tips, you can avoid buying too many extra tickets:

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Foodie Findings: Sunny Day Diner

I don’t know why anyone would give the Sunny Day Diner a bad review!! We were here Mon-Wed for a mini-vacation only to find that most of the town is currently only open on weekends for the next few weeks. In fact, we found Sunny Day by accident when the breakfast place down the street from our hotel was closed (even the hotel restaurant isn’t open Mon-Wed!!) and we were heading to the only place I knew would be serving, which I also knew would be expensive. I saw Sunny Day right next door to Clark’s Trading Post and knew it was a better idea than where we were headed. This has officially become my go-to breakfast spot when I’m in the White Mountains (and I go several times a year!) — we went both mornings!

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Foodie Findings: Sake

We were the first people in the restaurant, about an hour after they opened, but seeing it was a holiday weekend, I forgave them being empty. About 3 more small groups came in while we were there, so it wasn’t entirely dead.

The inside decor was very nice: lots of dark wood, appropriate lighting, and a good table layout. Especially considering the restaurant is part of a small plaza, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite that nice inside. Felt trendy to me–they are definitely playing to a higher-class crowd here.

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Foodie Findings: Ted’s Restaurant

Ted’s Restaurant
1044 Broad St
Meriden, CT 06450
(203) 237-6660

Although I have seen Ted’s featured on numerous foodie television shows, I still had my doubts–STEAMED burgers? Yet, when looking for a lunch place on the 5-hour trip to NJ that WASN’T fast food, this was an obvious choice. The fact that friends were nearby helped.

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Foodie Findings: Fuji 1546 (update)

I have reviewed Fuji 1546 on Yelp before, but we went last night and I needed to update.

Came back for a real meal last night and WOW!! the Salmon Wonton Chips¬† are to die for, and I am kind of obsessed with them. If the Fuji in Wollaston added them to the menu, I would probably go there every day for an order. We stuck with sushi for dinner, it was exactly the quality I have come to expect from this company: delicious, fast and filling. Their drink menu is still basically a variety of martini’s, but I did see a table-tent with other drinks on my table, so maybe I missed it last time because I was at the bar.

Our server was great–very quick to clear empty plates, and was very hands-off when, after we finished eating, we didn’t order dessert while finishing our scorpion bowl, which took a while.

As I mentioned in my first post, the prices are higher than I would like, which is a deterrent from going too often, even if parking was better. But I do have a huge complaint–the bathroom was COLD. Downright freezing. It was as if there was a direct line from the refrigerators to the ladies’ room because the vents (which are directly above the toilets) were blowing cold air–I was chilled to my core by the time I returned to my table. Maybe it was just a SNAFU, and I did note it on the comment card, so hopefully it will be fixed next time.

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