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Yet Another Girl Scout Post

I’m not sure how many of you head about the semi-recent (a month ago is semi-recent…I haven’t had the time/energy to write about this yet, sue me!!) situation with the Girl Scouts of Colorado, but here it is in a nutshell: a boy in Denver, who dresses & behaves like a girl, but is still referred to as “he” by his family/school/etc tried to join the Girl Scouts. The volunteer the family spoke to didn’t handle the situation very well, and when the story first broke, GS of Colorado issued this statement in response:

“Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and we accept all girls in Kindergarten through 12th grade as members. If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout. Our requests for support of transgender kids have grown, and Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to best support these children, their families and the volunteers who serve them. In this case, an associate delivering our program was not aware of our approach. She contacted her supervisor, who immediately began working with the family to get the child involved and supported in Girl Scouts. We are accelerating our support systems and training so that we’re better able to serve all girls, families and volunteers.” 

Obviously, this made a ton of people on both sides of the transgender issue upset. Bobby, however, is not a Girl Scout. A few days after the above story was posted to the Girl Scout listserve I follow, there was a follow up about some posts made to the council’s facebook page:

We understand that some families are concerned that boys will be joining their daughters’ Girl Scout troops or that their daughters may be placed in uncomfortable situations. We are a girl-serving organization, and we do not grant membership to boys. We grant membership to a transgender child when she and her family have made the decision that she should live her life as a girl. These situations are rare, and when they occur, GSCO is committed to working with all girls and families to ensure that Girl Scouting provides a safe, nurturing environment, and that the sensibilities of all are respected. GSCO works on a case by case basis to resolve issues and make sure that every girl finds a safe place in Girl Scouts.
Yesterday at 12:36pm ·

Girl Scouts of Colorado Just to be clear, our position remains the same as it was before the media became involved. If a child lives life as a girl and her family brings her to Girl Scouts and says, “My daughter wants to be a Girl Scout,” we welcome her.
Thursday at 12:43pm

Girl Scouts of Colorado
Just to clarify, Bobby is not a member of Girl Scouts of Colorado. As the mother presented Bobby as her son who likes girl things, he does not meet our membership criteria. If they decide as a family for Bobby to live her life as a girl, we… would welcome her. We are standing by the same approach as we had before the media became involved. It does not appear that this mother is truly interested in Girl Scout membership for her child.
Yesterday at 2:26pm 

I’ll be completely honest; I’m okay with the result of this.  I AM happy that GSCO has taken the stand that Girl Scouts really is for ALL girls. I also accept their stance that Bobby is currently not living life as a girl, so should not be a member of the Girl Scouts. I can understand the concern of parents about allowing a biologically male child into their daughter’s troop. At 6 or 7, there’s not much trouble that can happen, but as they get to the teen years, the issues are abundant, and have the potential to get worse. Plus, there are many things that bio-females experience that a transgendered woman never will (and the opposite is true as well). I feel there is still a long way to go societally before this could truly be successful, and have to admit that I’d be hesitant to be the guinea pig troop leader, although I’d probably do it because SOMEBODY has to step up and how many would be willing to?

I wish Bobby the best as s/he navigates life, and really hope the family finds the right extra-curricular activity fit for them.

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A Mini-Rant

Today, the GSEM Delegation for the Girl Scouts’ National Convention left for Huston. I feel like i should be with them, and it’s really upsetting that I’m not. Why am I upset about this? Well, I applied, received confirmation that they got my application, then heard nothing. One day in January, as I was going to participate in an event at my Practicum site, I got a call from one of the delegation coordinators, “Did you receive any emails from us? No? Oh, you must have fallen off the list…well, the final interview event is happening right now if you want to come over.”

Not only could I not go to the event, but it had started 2 hours earlier, so I’d have missed a bunch of it, and, honestly, I didn’t WANT to go. If they didn’t care enough to ensure everyone that applied was contacted, then why did I want to be a part of it? Not to mention I’d missed 2 or 3 other pieces of the interview process, so I wasn’t likely to be chosen anyway. I know that mistakes happen–shit, I make them often enough–but this one just really hurts.

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Girl Scout Amelia England Turns 111

Girl Scout Amelia England Turns 111.

“She joined the Scouts in 1914, two years after the group’s founding, was a member of the Thistle Troop and remembers meeting Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low. Milly recalls that the troop met at St. Andrew’s Church in New Bedford and that they made their own uniforms. “I’m still a Girl Scout,” she says proudly. “I’ll never quit Girl Scouting.”

Happy Birthday to the oldest living Girl Scout, who was one of the first Girl Scouts in MA!!

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Deperate Times Call for Girl Scouts?

I should probably not be thinking too heavily about this yet, but I am a little worried about the idea of graduating and needing to find a job in just a few short months–I don’t have my dad’s house to go back to after graduation, and can’t rely on Ellie to support me forever. Have I discussed this before? Yeah, well, if I have, skip the rest of this post. If not, still feel free to skip 😀

I’ve already applied for a couple of jobs. I have no hopes of getting them since I will not likely have graduated by the time they hire someone, but it’s always worth a shot, and these are positions that I REALLY want. I can’t not go for them. One in particular is MADE for me. But I’m not going to get my hopes up–if I can even get an interview I will be ecstatic.

This lack of a job reminds me of the fact that, as of a week ago, I have no more income. I can hope to get some kind of refund from the Federal Government, but I’m honestly not looking forward to one this year. I have thought about doing the unthinkable–going back to Girl Scout Day Camp as a Counselor for the summer. But I hesitate for more reasons than the obvious one that I have no desire to be outdoors all day all summer long in the humidity and rain. My actual biggest deterrent is the idea that I will get a ‘real’ job that will want me to start before the summer is over (highly likely in Student Affairs), thus making me put the camp into a crappy situation being one Counselor short. I know that ultimately my career is more important than summer camp, but it would still leave a guilty feeling.

So, faithful readers, should I try to get some kind of summer job (camp or something else), or just feel confident that I’ll be able to find a job before the money runs out?

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I Love it When the World Says ‘Yes’

I had a Girl Scout training all day today (I took this one for a change rather than facilitating it) and am just getting online for the first time right now. One of the things I do is check my horoscope on Yahoo:

For the sake of your self-esteem: When you see a chance to get ahead today, you have to take it. Save the conservative thinking and deep contemplation for another time. This phase of your life is meant to be full of action and risk-taking. You’re going to have to get comfortable with the idea that you can’t hit a home run every time you step up to the plate. Expecting a perfect score every time isn’t realistic, and could be paralyzing.

It was pretty interesting since, after the training, I volunteered to join the planning committee for a 100th Anniversary Volunteer Development Conference. AND, based on information from National about an initiative to increase volunteers in several areas, one being colleges, I offered my “expertise” in helping GSEM with some type of recruiting/development/retention for this age group. They really aren’t sure how to go about this, but I’ll be at the forefront of it, which is REALLY interesting to me.

When I read the horoscope, I felt pretty validated in my actions this evening.

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