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A Rare Opening Up

Saturday, we’re hosting an apartment warming party. Now, I don’t have nearly as many friends as userinfowtbrosie and Steph, but I do have a good number, and I do consider all of them actual friends.

But I’m starting to question that of late. One group of friends has never once traveled to see me, despite me making plans to see them regularly–granted, I was already in the neighborhood at therapy, but I still had an hour ride home ahead of me and work in the morning. Every time I’ve had any kind of gathering, I invite them, but not one even responds. I’m hurt to be honest, especially because they don’t invite me to events anymore either.  But they still see my mom in PetCo all the time, and ask her to send their love, so it’s not like they don’t want to be friends with me anymore…(no, my mom wouldn’t know who they are, even after them talking to her fairly regularly:P)

I’m not sure what to do…I guess I should bring it up to them, but I HATE confrontation (with friends and family anyway). I could just let them fade out, but I kinda don’t want to. I don’t know…

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Keep the Old

Living with userinfowtbrosie has been going wonderfully. The only complaints I have are the commute and teh fact that I’m too far away from my friends to really hang out as much as I used to.

I promised people that I wasn’t going to get sucked into the black hole that is living with your partner (or the black hole that is living so far down on the South Shore!), and I don’t think I’ve really lived up to that promise. Not to mention the fact that we’ve travelled almost every weekend for the last two months. I WANT to see people, I miss my friends and kinda hope they miss me too. I feel like I’m losing touch with people I used to have a strong connection with, which is disheartening. So, I am taking it upon myself to be available Wednesday, June 17 after work. That is userinfowtbrosie‘s cut-off week, so will give her some uninterrupted time to get work done–I’m even up for staying overnight with someone so I don’t have to worry about a possible late-night drive back to Plymouth.

There are lots of people that I want to see, an I can’t make time for every group, but I’m going to pick one night a month that I will guarantee availability. The travelling season is about to end for us, so we’ll be available (both as a couple and singly) for weekend outings soon too–driving is not a huge deal to us.


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Help With Sleeping?

Saturday afternoon, while I was supposed to be spending a nice afternoon with the family for my birthday, the woman that set up my CPAP machine showed up (no, not unexpectedly, although she was a little early). Now, I’ve already worn the machine once, and it was a horrible experience, but I thought most of it had to do with the wired strapped and taped all over my head.

No, I was wrong. This is probably one of the worst things that ever happened to me. The mask is a little plastic cone that fits over my nose and forces my airway open as I sleep. No biggie except the fact that the cone HURTS! The underside of my nose is all raw and chapped from it. I am sure some of that has to do with my nightguard pressing everything together, so I didn’t wear it last night and I slept a little better–only woke up 2-3 times instead of 4-5 last night. I’m going to look for a new guard that doesn’t have as much (or any) material in the front.I’m just going to hope that the chapping heals on it’s own and that it’s not going to be like this the whole time I have the machine

I keep telling myself it’s only for three months…


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Happy Birthday

Princess Cake!Yes, my birthday just passed us by, and much to my dismay, userinfowtbrosie needed to make something out of it. So I let her, but made sure she kept it within reason. She got me the extended edition of Return of the King (third Lord of the Rings movie, the only one we don’t have yet), some Hello Kitty and Chilly Willy underwear and a Sushi-making kit (book DVD and rolling mat). She ALSO made me a cake! She got a cake decorating kit for Christmas, and asked me what I wanted. To be a smart-ass, I said, “Princess Castle!!” So of course she make one, to the best of her ability. I love it, although I’m going to be eating cake forever!

Sat we went to the Museum of Science, which was a ton of fun even though we didn’t get through the whole thing–the current exhibit on “Mythic Creatures” took up a good portion of the day. I love it, and she’s never been, so it was a lot of fun.  That night we met up with a friend of hers that was celebrating HER birthday. I invited a few friends of mine at the last minute, and am really glad a few of them were able to show up–it allowed userinfowtbrosie to socialize with her friends and allowed me to avoid the less-than-satisfactory white reggae going on in the back room.

Sunday was a trip with userinfomagnusarias and userinfosmileytypepers to Northampton for a spa day. We had an hour in the hot tub and a half hour massage and it was SO wonderful, we decided to make it a yearly outing. Although I think from now on I’ll only do a half hour in the tub and an hour with the masseuse–I was a little light-headed after the tub.

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I hate making resolutions; no one ever accomplishes them. But I do want to make some changes and accomplishments this year, and maybe writing them down will hold me more accountable than if I were to keep everything internal.

  • Most importantly, I want to get out of debt, or at least make a solid dent min the amount of money I owe any creditor other than education loans and the loan on my Corolla
  • I need to actually put in an effort to lose the weight I’ve gained over the last couple years and get healthier
  • Keep in better touch with old friends

Yeah, that should be a good list of goals for myself. Not only are they important, but are also measurable.

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