State of the Jessi

I thought it had been way longer than 2 weeks since my last post. Work has kept me THAT busy. I like the busyness to a point, but I could absolutely use a little bit of a break. It also stresses me out some because, this time next year, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY HONEYMOON DAMNIT!!! And neither Ellie nor I want to do a belated honeymoon. I’ve spoken to one of my supervisors and she says it should be okay if I and my more immediate supervisor come up with a plan for getting everything done.

I feel like my life is a lot more hectic than it is. I work regular hours (although I add a couple hours for commuting), and don’t do much after work. Maybe though, because we’ve had plans the last few weekends, and I’ve been doing other things (like a Girl Scout training on Wed, and taking a training next Wed), it seems like a lot more than it really is.

Honestly, life’s pretty uninteresting. Except for the fact I just discovered that people really DO play quidditch (a game played in Harry Potter…on flying brooms…). I was visiting the office of a colleague on the other side of the building and I saw students running around with brooms between their legs tossing balls around. I was flabbergasted to be quite honest! J was telling me that they play every Friday in the fall, and the snitch is actually a person dressed in yellow! I’m really kind of jealous that I’m on this side of the building because I want to see more! Maybe, since I was 17 when the first book was published, I’m just too old to really appreciate this game as more than an opportunity to stare in wonder.

What else? Mentally prepping for the holidays, working on my cross-stitch, and generally being an internet hermit. Although I have an awesome new Android, I don’t spend much time online outside of work except for checking Twitter/Facebook on the phone (speaking of, I need something to keep me occupied at work, and I haven’t found a Facebook game that’s keeping me entertained–any ideas?). There’s also wedding stuff, but it’s back-burner for a little bit longer. But yeah, no updates because life is boring. Which is both good and bad.


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A Confession

Today, I read an article on Discovery news entitled, “Women’s Clothing Sizes: Is a 4 Really a 4?” and it hit a sore spot within my psyche. From the article for those of you not interested in reading it:


  • As Americans have grown bigger, clothing sizes have become more generous.
  • The way clothes fit has a big impact on how women feel about their bodies and themselves.
  • In general, most clothes don’t fit most people very well.

None of this is unfamiliar to us these days, but it was the last paragraph of the article, a quote from researcher Lenda Jo Connell from Auburn University, that made me decide to write a post. She said, “Research shows that women tend not to say, ‘These manufacturers need to get off it and figure out good sizing that fits the American public,” Connell said. “They say, ‘I don’t fit the average size, and there’s something wrong with me.’ I think it’s really devastating to so many people.(emphasis mine)

It IS devastating. Ellie probably can’t tell you the number of times I’ve have breakdowns in the middle of a store dressing room, or how many shirts I have that are slightly too big because it’s easier than worrying about the possibility of the little rolls on my back showing, or to hide the size and shape of my chest. I’d seriously wear super-strength sports bras all the time except I think they make me look worse than regular bras. The number 1 reason I don’t wear skirts other than when I dress up? Because it’s too much work to find shorts that will look okay under them, I don’t like the look of leggings, and spanx are too uncomfortable to wear unless I have to.I’ve essentially stopped wearing shorts because I’m so mentally and physically uncomfortable in them when I sit or walk. I try to avoid button-down blouses just in case there is gaping. I can’t go shopping alone because I will second, third, and fourth guess everything until I’m in a panic.

I’ll admit that I loathe my body. You name a part, and I hate it, except my eyes. Those are the 2 things on my entire body that can be seen without machines that don’t make me want to cry when looking at them. And I even want to replace those by getting Lasik.

Am I hideous? No, and I realize there are people out there with bigger problems, but it doesn’t make mine any less difficult to live with. I also know that I’m not alone, which makes me feel a little better, but fails to solve the problem, which is continually perpetuated and reinforced by media and designers.

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Proving Again That I’m a Huge Geek

The other day, Ellie and I were chatting, and she said something about how “You prayed to Cupid and He gave me to you.” Of course, the silly pagan in me thought of the fact that we met via the site OKCupid, and the commonly-known Greek Eros, the god of love, who was conflated with the Roman Cupid.

I realize that not all of our lives are influenced by the gods, but I have come to realize it’s important to give Them honor when you think They have given you a blessing, just in case.

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Not a House, a Home

I started this post almost 2 months ago…wow do I suck at blogging.

The other night, our roommate saw us looking through real estate books, and got nervous we were going to buy a house soon and she’d need to find a place to live. I had mixed feelings about this because it made me feel good that she wasn’t planning to leave anytime in the near future (we can’t afford this apartment on our own), but it also made me feel bad because I do hope we’re able to buy a house sometime after we’re married–I’m thinking a year or so–so we can save up some kind of down payment after all the wedding expenses are taken care of.

Our distant timeline doesn’t stop us from looking–it helps us get an idea of what we each like, what’s available in our price range, etc. Also, staying here allows me to more easily commute to work, avoiding traffic, finding (and paying for) parking in a garage. Not to mention the fact that living here means we don’t have to pay for things like a new stove, and can pay rent and utilities for less than what we’d probably be paying for a mortgage. It’s also really expensive and a pain in the ass to move, and I want to do it as few times as possible. Ideally, this means living in our current apartment until the stars align and we’re able to buy a house.

I never understood people who only look at a few houses and pick one that doesn’t seem to actually fit who they are–either too much or too little house/yard/etc, or it needs so much work they are constantly making the place into their “dream home” when the dream home could have been a closer & easier reality (some people are into that and kudos to them, but know that when you’re looking). There are some things Ellie and I want that CAN be done after the fact–a deck or permanent fire pit or a privacy fence. But there are also many things we know will be deal-breakers: a 2nd floor with too much of a pitch to be comfortable when standing, under a 1/2 acre of land, or a street that’s so busy all the time we have trouble pulling onto it.

This is why we look at real estate magazines, and have recently started using online sites to look at more houses. Ellie drove by an interesting house once, and we always turn to look when we see a “For Sale” sign. But we’ve yet to speak with an agent or someone at the bank knowing that we are still in “wishful thinking” mode. It actually makes me feel good to look at these houses and know that someday one of them will be my home; that I can look without commitment for a little while longer.


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Font Snobbery

One thing about Microsoft Office pisses me off to no end. Maybe I’m pretentious, or maybe I’ve spent too much time with Jeremy, or MAYBE, it’s because I used to read too much, but I cannot STAND the fact that the default font for the entire suite is Calibri. Calibri is what’s called a “sans-serif” font, which means it doesn’t have the little lines at the end of each stroke. Apparently, the reason for this is that it’s more “web and computer graphic friendly,” but I personally think it looks childish.

Yesterday morning on the T, a woman was typing what appeared to be a formal letter (it was to a Doctor Someone, expressing disappointment about him/her not participating in a research project), and she hadn’t (or wasn’t going to) changed the font. It looked ridiculous to me. The first thing I do when I get a new computer is change the default font for the entire suite–I’m a big fan of Book Antiqua for my day-to-day work, but play with others depending on the occasion. I think 99% of the time, I’m using a font with serifs.

Since I started writing this yesterday, I’ve paid extra attention to forms, mailings and other print media–such a huge portion of it is in a sans-serif font! Maybe I’m antiquated; that’s got to be it.

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