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Bats in the Belfry

Not really…it was way, way worse. This morning at 3:30 AM (we went to sleep about 12) Ellie and I woke up to squealing and thrashing. At the foot of the bed, unsurprisingly, we saw the boys attacking something. Now, if you can read the title on this post and have the intelligence of a 5-year old, you can probably gather that it was not the mouse we were expecting. Nope, when I turned on the light, we saw that it was a bat being dragged around the bedroom by Frankie, with PJ watching and pouncing in every now and then.

I ran into the kitchen to find SOMETHING to contain it, and have now destroyed a piece of tupperware (no, I will NOT clean and use it again!). Ellie had amazingly good skill at such an early hour and shocked state and was able to toss it right over the little bastard–I placed a large bowl on top so it couldn’t got out from underneath. We are both too wussy to have tried to get rid or it or kill it (which we knew needed to be done to ensure the boys didn’t get rabies from it). A quick internet search and call to a 24-hour vet said we could wait a while before the boys showed signs of catching anything; plenty of time to know if the bat was infected.

Animal Control showed up around 9:30–the officer was sweet and happy to take care of the problem. He was also incredibly sympathetic, and took my info so the lab could let me know the verdict by tomorrow; no news will be good news, so keep your fingers crossed kids! Unfortunately, we are not paranoid beyond belief. Ellie is luckily at work, and I am heading out despite not getting any sleep since 3:30. I need to get out of here though.

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Situation Normal

This is my Fluffy!! She came home April 27 (although this picture was taken a couple of weeks beforehand). I have to say that a hedgehog is one of the strangest pets ever–there is still little knowledge about them outside of the hedgie community, and they are not the easiest of pets to raise either.

I mean, think about it–they are SPIKY, huff and “pop” (jumping to make themselves appear bigger) when scared. They need to eat bugs and high-protein food (and are temperamental about other treats, so I have no idea from day to day what she will want to eat for a snack). Unlike dogs and cats, she will probably never be my “friend,” but unlike rodents, she does kind of tolerate me wanting to play with her. She’s basically nocturnal, so I never get to see her play or anything like that. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that she’ll probably never stop pooing on me.

But, she’s absolutely adorable (seriously, look at that picture!) and really sweet and funny. I read on the forums and in books that she should become more friendly and less poopy, so I’m hoping they are right.

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Strange Happenings

So, one of the most random things happened yesterday. I had gone with Ellie to Brookline for a dental consult, planning to spend the day together going on one of the walks from City Walks: Boston, which is a deck of 50 cards that provide a mile-long walk and points of interest for various neighborhoods of Boston.

Anyway, we were walking up to Coolidge Corner where our “Walk” began when a guy approached us asking if we were local. “Not really, we’re from Quincy, but can see if we can help.” Well, the guy didn’t need directions or anything normal like that, he needed someone to watch the stray cat he’d found. Apparently he was on his way to a Dr. appointment when the cat just came up to him. His wife had always wanted a cat, so he was planning to take it home, but felt bad leaving it locked up in his car alone. He even offered to pay us for the half-hour catsitting.

The day still being early and us being in a fairly good mood, we agreed and went to his car where the scruffy orange was curled up on the floor. He opened the passenger door so we could sit and socialize with kitty, thanked us and ran off to his appointment. The cat seemed young-ish, definitely under a year, but not feral at all–he came right up to Ellie and was very amenable to being pet and loved. However, his weight, the scruffiness of his fur and some bumps and bruises (including an infected cut on his ear) showed us that he seemed to have been on his own for a while.

The guy came back, and we hadn’t planned on taking the money he’d mentioned, but when we saw the wad of cash, we were happy to take the $10 (it paid for our ice cream later on!). He was very thankful, both for us catsitting and for giving him some advice on getting the cat socialized initially. I’m wishing him the best of luck, it seems like he’s got himself a great cat.

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Yup, I’m in Love

Has it really been almost a month since my last post? I guess, with February being a short month, Spring Break being last week, and the homework piling up, and me being a lazy SOB, blogging is bound to slip from my mind.

Last week we went on a Grand Tour of the east coast, sleeping with a different family or friend every night. Honestly, it was kind of exhausting. BUT, on our way home Thursday, Ellie brought me to a pet store so we could see puppies and stretch our legs. As we were wandering around, I saw a cage with 6 hedgehogs!! of course we asked an employee if I could hold one…as obsessed as I am with having one as a pet, I’ve never actually held one since they can’t be sold in MA. He was pricklier than I thought he would be, but not by a lot. And I was able to talk to the woman a bit about their care and personalities. Unfortunately, they are super expensive, so we won’t be getting one for a while. But I’m more committed than ever to have a hedgie as a pet.


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Us vs. The Neighbor

So, how should we go about convincing our neighbor that it’s NOT a good idea to allow his dog to think my backyard is it’s personal toilet? I know me–if I go over there, I’m going to get all upset, wind up opening my mouth and do no good. I AM going to put my camera by the bedroom window so I can take pics of the dog every morning since my room looks out over the backyard.

Well, I’m off to a meeting for a class project, then printing off articles for the research paper due Monday. I’m kinda glad I have no plans during the day Friday, and that userinfowtbrosie is working her part-time job on Saturday morning–I’ll have time to get the paper done, I hope 😀

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