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T Happenings

I ride the MBTA to and from work pretty much every work day, and have been for over 2 years. Most days are fairly standard. By standard, I mean “packed tighter than sardines with the backpack of some jackass who can’t be bothered to take it off jammed into my back and the armpit of another asshat pressed into my face because he couldn’t wait 10 more minutes for a new train.”

Today was a little different, and not just because I got a seat due to most people taking the holiday week off. At South Station, a guy about my age gets on, and I overhear him say, “Step into the car. Don’t be n00bs and don’t bother the real commuters” as about 20 high school aged kids follow him onto the train. I smiled, because this guy obviously had an idea of what was going on, unlike most teachers that think bringing their brats into the “big city” during morning rush hour is a grand idea. Then he told them to “Hold on. With 2 hands. That strap might not be your best option.” Of course I snickered as flashbacks of many a ride where some moron is holding on for dear life but still falls all over herself (and every other passenger within a 10-foot vicinity) as the train starts (and stops of course, because she can’t learn from her first mistake…).

Mr. Teacher happened to be standing in front of me and I smiled at him, making some quip about how even regular T riders had trouble with that. We chatted the next few stops about their excursion to MIT and commuting. When I got off at Park, both he and some of the kids wished me a good day. It was really refreshing to not only have an easy commute, but a pleasurable one at that. Thank you random teacher and high schoolers from Lakeville. Best of luck with your History Fair


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One Month into Winter and Everyone’s Had Enough

I’ve seen some people on Facebook bitching about other people bitching about the snow. Yes, we live in New England (or other areas of the country that get snow), but you know what?

Just one month into winter, major cities up and down the East Coast have already gotten clobbered with more snow than they usually get all season, a one-storm-after-another barrage that is eating up snow-removal budgets and forcing schools to close.

via A month into winter, Easterners have had enough – Boston.com.

Boston has probably not gotten more snow than usual, but we HAVE gotten a LOT of snow in a short amount of time, and there’s no end in sight. This is draining as hell to many people that have to shovel over and over, and commute in slush and ice.

Can you tell that I’m done with the snow too? I much prefer this to rain, but I’m over it.

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Strange Happenings

So, one of the most random things happened yesterday. I had gone with Ellie to Brookline for a dental consult, planning to spend the day together going on one of the walks from City Walks: Boston, which is a deck of 50 cards that provide a mile-long walk and points of interest for various neighborhoods of Boston.

Anyway, we were walking up to Coolidge Corner where our “Walk” began when a guy approached us asking if we were local. “Not really, we’re from Quincy, but can see if we can help.” Well, the guy didn’t need directions or anything normal like that, he needed someone to watch the stray cat he’d found. Apparently he was on his way to a Dr. appointment when the cat just came up to him. His wife had always wanted a cat, so he was planning to take it home, but felt bad leaving it locked up in his car alone. He even offered to pay us for the half-hour catsitting.

The day still being early and us being in a fairly good mood, we agreed and went to his car where the scruffy orange was curled up on the floor. He opened the passenger door so we could sit and socialize with kitty, thanked us and ran off to his appointment. The cat seemed young-ish, definitely under a year, but not feral at all–he came right up to Ellie and was very amenable to being pet and loved. However, his weight, the scruffiness of his fur and some bumps and bruises (including an infected cut on his ear) showed us that he seemed to have been on his own for a while.

The guy came back, and we hadn’t planned on taking the money he’d mentioned, but when we saw the wad of cash, we were happy to take the $10 (it paid for our ice cream later on!). He was very thankful, both for us catsitting and for giving him some advice on getting the cat socialized initially. I’m wishing him the best of luck, it seems like he’s got himself a great cat.

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A Warm Start

New Year 2009

No one can deny that New Year’s Eve in Boston was pretty damn cold. But, it didn’t stop Ellie and I from going in for the First Night celebration. She’d bought our buttons a few days before Christmas, and there was no way we were going to let them go to waste. It wasn’t terribly cold either–I’ve heard horror stories from some people. We did however not do the night in exactly the right order; we started at the Common to see the ice sculptures, then walked to the Hynes to see what was going on there and the beginning of the Grand Procession, then BACK past the Common to the Waterfront to get our FREE (well, we did pay for the buttons you needed to get the ticket) harbor cruise tickets. We’ll probably switch the Hynes and Common if we ever do this again–make better use of our time and take more advantage of the offerings.

Yesterday was another chapter of Christmas and continuation of the New Year revelry. Jere, Em and I went out to North Hampton for the 2nd annual Hot Tubbing Extravaganza. It was an absolute blast, and was definitely worth the crappy driving conditions (only for me of course!!) and the fact that I had to suck up my pride and let them pay for me. I also have to thank them for allowing me to put the money I WAS going to spend on Northeastern Gear (when my reimbursement comes in in a few weeks) onto more waterproof gear for my commuting, so that was a double-blessing. Yes, there WERE shenanigans, and we’re pretty sure our server for dinner wanted us dead, but that’s all really par for the course when we get together. Next year, massages will be back!!

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Culture Comes in Many Forms

I never talked about our day this past Sunday. Even though it was absolutely disgusting weather-wise, Ellie and I had a full day in Boston. That morning we went into Chinatown for the August Moon Festival. I used to go in with my family as a kid and teen, but I hadn’t been since probably my first year of college. it’s always a ton of fun, and I like begin able to expose ellie to new things, like Dim Sum and Moon Cakes.

Afterwards, we joined the Boston Queer Adventurers and my friends Kim and Mel for Shakespeare in the Park. This is an annual free show performed by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company (formerly affiliated with CitiCenter). This year they did The Comedy of Errors . I haven’t been able to get much theater in due to money and time, so I’m glad this is still happening in Boston–it’s good for the city too.

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