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Font Snobbery

One thing about Microsoft Office pisses me off to no end. Maybe I’m pretentious, or maybe I’ve spent too much time with Jeremy, or MAYBE, it’s because I used to read too much, but I cannot STAND the fact that the default font for the entire suite is Calibri. Calibri is what’s called a “sans-serif” font, which means it doesn’t have the little lines at the end of each stroke. Apparently, the reason for this is that it’s more “web and computer graphic friendly,” but I personally think it looks childish.

Yesterday morning on the T, a woman was typing what appeared to be a formal letter (it was to a Doctor Someone, expressing disappointment about him/her not participating in a research project), and she hadn’t (or wasn’t going to) changed the font. It looked ridiculous to me. The first thing I do when I get a new computer is change the default font for the entire suite–I’m a big fan of Book Antiqua for my day-to-day work, but play with others depending on the occasion. I think 99% of the time, I’m using a font with serifs.

Since I started writing this yesterday, I’ve paid extra attention to forms, mailings and other print media–such a huge portion of it is in a sans-serif font! Maybe I’m antiquated; that’s got to be it.

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Organization Just Got Built-In

My life revolves around Google. I have totally been assimilated and do SO much through Google: 3 email addresses, 2 calendars, Google Docs, Picasa, etc. Honestly, if Google ever crashed, I’d be lost for a while.

One thing with the calendar feature is that I do a bunch of different things and initially separated my calendars based on ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ stuff, shared with each other and assigned different colors. NOW though,

Google Calendar still doesn’t offer support for labels, but you can now pick a color for each event. By default, each event inherits the calendar’s color, but you can change it by clicking the event and using the small drop-down displayed next to the event’s title.

This is fantastic news, and I am giving it a shot on my personal calendar. I created a secondary calendar on that account for Girl Scout stuff so that I could assign another color to it (can you tell I’m a visual learner?). I’m hoping that with this new feature, I will be able to condense all of my calendars back into one main account so I don’t have to jump back and forth between accounts on my computer and/or phone (which has been the biggest pain in the ass).

This absolutely has my OCD in a happy place!


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Am I Socially Networking?

I’m not very good at the social networking thing…

I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter, and have basically used it as a means of updating my status on Facebook. However, with the invention (and my purchasing) of smartphones, I have begun to just update Facebook from my phone–more characters and guaranteed posting, unlike Twitter.

This is making me re-think what I am going to use my Twitter for. I am not getting rid of it because I like reading the updates from the people I follow, but I’m not really sure what I want to use it for. Part of me is tempted to change my username and use it for semi-professional social networking. I’d do more than JUST Higher Ed posting, but this way I could try to be more interactive within that community and not directly tie this online handle to my professional life–not that I feel embarassed by anything I have posted here or anywhere else that I use the name ‘eternalhearts,’ but some posts may be less professional than they could be and some are of a semi-personal nature that I don’t necessarily want future or former colleagues to know about. However, I know that it’s almost impossible for there to NOT be some cross-over; it’s inevitable within this current world of over-connectedness. I still like to try to maintain SOME level of separateness and do my best to keep the two online handles separate.

I’ve got some thinking to do. Any suggestions/advice?

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To Vista or Not to Vista?

When I bought my computer a couple years ago, I was required to get it with Vista, otherwise Dell was going to charge me an additional $60 to get XP. Everyone knows that Vista sucks, even Microsoft, so they just came out with Windows 7.

I cannot afford a new computer, and I’m really not a fan of Macs, so I need to decide if I want to upgrade or not. Through school I can get a discount on Professional or Ultimate. Both of these would require a clean install, which I CANNOT do on my own–I know I’d f*** it up.

So, techie buddies, what say ye? Do I do it or wait and live with Vista longer? Or, do I buy the Personal edition (I can still get a discount, just not sure what it would be) and upgrade my laptop, userinfowtbrosie‘s laptop, and our desktop?

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To Mail or to Mail?

So, I’m thinking about downloading Thunderbird to handle my email via IMAP (I have 4 emails I use regularly plus an NU email and I’ll be getting a GS email soon)  rather than POPing all of my email to one Gmail account. Gmail doesn’t allow you to send mail from other Gmail accounts without the default noted at the sender, I can only have one signature. But with IMAPing, I never have to periodically log into various inboxes to clear them out or double-check that good mail wasn’t marked as spam.

Should I not rock the boat and deal with the issues I have in order to not have to deal with getting used to a new format? If I do go with T-bird, any tips/tricks/suggestions?

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