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The Snow Just Won’t Quit!!

Defying spring, Mass. snow pile survives heat, extends stay – The Boston Globe.

At first glance, the 5-foot high pile of dirt in a lot near the AMC Theatres’ overflow parking in Framingham does not leave much of an impression.

But looking closer, underneath the inch-thick sediment and discarded beer cans, vodka nips, and BIC lighters, a sheet of ice and snow lives on, months after the winter’s blizzards.

I am so making a detour the next time I go visit the family!! Or maybe, the next time we go see a movie, we can make sure to head to Framingham.

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Truth in all Truths

A friend posted a link to this article on her Facebook, and I found it to be very compelling, especially this quote towards the end of the article:

Many of us perhaps need to have our notion of God deepened and expanded. It is often said, half in jest, that God created man in his own image and man has returned the compliment, saddling God with his own narrow prejudices and exclusivity, foibles and temperamental quirks.

via Desmond Tutu: God Is Not a Christian.

I think it’s pretty clear that the Abrahamic faiths are worshiping the One as explained by Neo-Platonism, with a heavy dose of the Sky-Fathers from indigenous European religions (Zeus, Odin, Jupiter, etc) mixed in for visualization. This is one reason that I, unlike many within the greater “pagan community” (a term I use VERY loosely), get these faiths, to some degree at least, and can understand where adherents find validity in their god.

I find that, as I study religion more, I come to see more and more that the One is understood (read: worshiped, recognized, sought-after) in some way by all religions. However, it’s often misunderstood as something we can actually connect with. I will not speak of religions I am not very familiar with, but look at Christianity–Christ is the deity that one is actually connecting with (unless you’re a Catholic, then there’s a multitude of “demi-gods” in the form of Saints to connect with). Humans, although we have a spark of the divine, cannot commune directly with something that is everything and nothing, which is why I think polytheists, no matter how simplistic the pantheon may be, tend to have fewer issues with people following different faiths than those taught that the only truth is the ‘TRUTH” of the religion they happened to be born into.

God isn’t a Christian, just as he is not Muslim, Hellenic, Buddhist, Taoist or any other “ism” out there. He (for lack of a better pronoun) just is. It is us that puts a face (or faces) on him.

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Finally (to me), A Way To Explain Hidden Illness

A journal I read often discusses how, due to her mental illness, she often doesn’t always have the “spoons” to do a ton of stuff or be invoked in every little thing. After reading it again last night, I decided to look up what exactly she meant by this term. It was surprisingly easy to find the Theory of the Spoons, created by Christine Miserandino at But You Don’t Look Sick.com. I HIGHLY recommend you read her personal story and check out the website more in depth.

In a nutshell, people who live with some type of illness, be it physical or mental, go through life with a limited number of spoons (what she used to illustrate her story) to perform daily tasks. Everything, from getting up, to eating, to going back to bed can use up a spoon, so we have created a system that best utilizes those spoons we have. Unfortunately, things like stubbing your toe, forgetting to pick up cat food, unexpectedly snapping about a mess in the house (to use personal examples), can also take away a spoon or two, leaving you with fewer spoons to do the regular things.

How perfect is this illustration?? I wish the site had more about mental illness, but that’s not (as far as I have read) her condition. And mental illness does seem to have a lot more support (we have ribbons and websites and TONS of medication commercials!! …) than hidden physical illnesses, so I will give her that.

Christine, thank you for this, I only wish I’d found it earlier.

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Am I Socially Networking?

I’m not very good at the social networking thing…

I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter, and have basically used it as a means of updating my status on Facebook. However, with the invention (and my purchasing) of smartphones, I have begun to just update Facebook from my phone–more characters and guaranteed posting, unlike Twitter.

This is making me re-think what I am going to use my Twitter for. I am not getting rid of it because I like reading the updates from the people I follow, but I’m not really sure what I want to use it for. Part of me is tempted to change my username and use it for semi-professional social networking. I’d do more than JUST Higher Ed posting, but this way I could try to be more interactive within that community and not directly tie this online handle to my professional life–not that I feel embarassed by anything I have posted here or anywhere else that I use the name ‘eternalhearts,’ but some posts may be less professional than they could be and some are of a semi-personal nature that I don’t necessarily want future or former colleagues to know about. However, I know that it’s almost impossible for there to NOT be some cross-over; it’s inevitable within this current world of over-connectedness. I still like to try to maintain SOME level of separateness and do my best to keep the two online handles separate.

I’ve got some thinking to do. Any suggestions/advice?

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The Fantasy World: Mapped for Your Geographical Pleasure

DAN METH - The Fantasy World Map


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