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Organization Just Got Built-In

My life revolves around Google. I have totally been assimilated and do SO much through Google: 3 email addresses, 2 calendars, Google Docs, Picasa, etc. Honestly, if Google ever crashed, I’d be lost for a while.

One thing with the calendar feature is that I do a bunch of different things and initially separated my calendars based on ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ stuff, shared with each other and assigned different colors. NOW though,

Google Calendar still doesn’t offer support for labels, but you can now pick a color for each event. By default, each event inherits the calendar’s color, but you can change it by clicking the event and using the small drop-down displayed next to the event’s title.

This is fantastic news, and I am giving it a shot on my personal calendar. I created a secondary calendar on that account for Girl Scout stuff so that I could assign another color to it (can you tell I’m a visual learner?). I’m hoping that with this new feature, I will be able to condense all of my calendars back into one main account so I don’t have to jump back and forth between accounts on my computer and/or phone (which has been the biggest pain in the ass).

This absolutely has my OCD in a happy place!


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Finally (to me), A Way To Explain Hidden Illness

A journal I read often discusses how, due to her mental illness, she often doesn’t always have the “spoons” to do a ton of stuff or be invoked in every little thing. After reading it again last night, I decided to look up what exactly she meant by this term. It was surprisingly easy to find the Theory of the Spoons, created by Christine Miserandino at But You Don’t Look Sick.com. I HIGHLY recommend you read her personal story and check out the website more in depth.

In a nutshell, people who live with some type of illness, be it physical or mental, go through life with a limited number of spoons (what she used to illustrate her story) to perform daily tasks. Everything, from getting up, to eating, to going back to bed can use up a spoon, so we have created a system that best utilizes those spoons we have. Unfortunately, things like stubbing your toe, forgetting to pick up cat food, unexpectedly snapping about a mess in the house (to use personal examples), can also take away a spoon or two, leaving you with fewer spoons to do the regular things.

How perfect is this illustration?? I wish the site had more about mental illness, but that’s not (as far as I have read) her condition. And mental illness does seem to have a lot more support (we have ribbons and websites and TONS of medication commercials!! …) than hidden physical illnesses, so I will give her that.

Christine, thank you for this, I only wish I’d found it earlier.

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Planning it Out

As you all probably know by now, I’m planning on moving in with userinfowtbrosie as soon as my current roommates find a replacement. I feel bad leaving them, and hate leaving Somerville, but it’s really the best option for me right now. Needless to say, I have less than a month to get everything done, so in true Jessi-fashion, I’m putting together a checklist of stuff to do over the next couple of weeks. Suggestions/advice is GREATLY appreciated! And by that, I mean, PLEASE comment with suggestions and advice!

  • Talk to those friends with trucks/vans to see if I can recruit them into helping or at least lending their vehicle (think of a means of payment)
  • Wednesday, talk to Dad about possible storage @ the house
  • Pack and begin moving clothes, books to be read and bathroom stuff to userinfowtbrosie‘s house
  • If can’t store @ Dad’s house, rent a storage unit
  • If can’t borrow enough trucks/vans and drivers, contact Penske
  • Pack bedroom, kitchen, odds and ends
  • Move at least 1 bureau to Dad’s
  • Move 1 bureau, nightstand and shrine touserinfowtbrosie‘s
  • Move crap I don’t need to Dad’s or storage unit

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