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An Interesting Resolution Concept: One Word

I’m not one for New year’s Resolutions because, frankly, they don’t succeed. I’d love to know if any of my readers have succeeded at one of their resolutions, ever. There is something being discussed on #sachat however that intrigues me: One Word Resolution. Some of the Tweeters I follow did this in 2011, and inspired many more to try it out in 2012. The idea behind this is that you select one word to sum up who you want to be or how you want to live for the year that you concentrate on every day.

As I look back at 2011 and ahead for 2012, I can see EXACTLY what word I need to  select for this project: FOCUS.

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In fact, this has been something I should have concentrated on for years, but I’m not going to worry about the past. With the new-ish job, Girl Scouts, wedding planning, housework, hobbies, Ellie and friends, I don’t have a lot of time available for screwing around aimlessly. Well, a ton of screwing around anyway. I know that when I follow a schedule and check things off my to-do list, I’m a happier person, and less prone to bouts of anxiety. When I get caught up in the cycle of anxiety, I shut down and don’t accomplish anything.

So, focus.

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Facebook Fatigue

Why some dissatisfied users are shunning Facebook – CNN.com.

When I saw this article in my Google Reader today, I knew I had to read it, since I am absolutely feeling the Facebook Fatigue, and have been for several months. Part of this might be the fact that I’ve been out of school/work pretty much since March and Facebook has been a crazy life-suck. Yet, I barely do anything there–I’ve stopped playing games other than Scrabble, and only interact with a few people more than simply “liking” various statuses. I haven’t gotten to a point where I feel a desire to delete my account, but I AM very tempted to purge my “friends” because there are so many people that I never interact with (or vice-versa), some I don’t actually consider friends, and very often, as quoted in the article,

“It’s really gotten to a point where I know pretty much what my friends are going to post. They usually just write the same thing over and over again, and I am getting sick of that.”

Joshua DeRosa, a Salt Lake City graphic artist and former Facebook user, agrees.

“I don’t need to see pics or hear updates about people’s babies,” he says. “I know what babies look like, and while you might think what Junior did was the cutest thing ever, I couldn’t care less.”

I’m not begrudging people the fact that they have partners/kids/pets, but when your only content is about how “cute” your kid or pet is, or how much your life sucks, I just get angry. I’m “friends” with you on Facebook because I have some interest in being in touch with you. I KNOW there has to be more to your life than kid/pet/misery because lots of people are able to balance their “Facebook Life.” If you think I’m talking about you, take a look at your page, because I just might be.


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Public Blogging?

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I should stop blogging here and create a new blog that is less personal and that I’d be more willing to let anyone read. I’d keep my personality in the new blog since there’s not MUCH I want to hide from the internet at large, but I know that this blog has some stuff that is less than professional-friendly and the username “eternalhearts” is my “play” name.

The new blog would pretty much cover the same stuff I discuss now: interesting articles/newsbits/links, Girl Scouts, Higher Education and Student Affairs, Foodie Findings, Red Sox, etc, but I’d be less apt to just rant like a baby (I have LJ/Dreamwidth for that) or bitch about inane things. Heck, I might even transfer most of this blog over to the new one!

I’d REALLY like feedback on this!

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Am I Socially Networking?

I’m not very good at the social networking thing…

I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter, and have basically used it as a means of updating my status on Facebook. However, with the invention (and my purchasing) of smartphones, I have begun to just update Facebook from my phone–more characters and guaranteed posting, unlike Twitter.

This is making me re-think what I am going to use my Twitter for. I am not getting rid of it because I like reading the updates from the people I follow, but I’m not really sure what I want to use it for. Part of me is tempted to change my username and use it for semi-professional social networking. I’d do more than JUST Higher Ed posting, but this way I could try to be more interactive within that community and not directly tie this online handle to my professional life–not that I feel embarassed by anything I have posted here or anywhere else that I use the name ‘eternalhearts,’ but some posts may be less professional than they could be and some are of a semi-personal nature that I don’t necessarily want future or former colleagues to know about. However, I know that it’s almost impossible for there to NOT be some cross-over; it’s inevitable within this current world of over-connectedness. I still like to try to maintain SOME level of separateness and do my best to keep the two online handles separate.

I’ve got some thinking to do. Any suggestions/advice?

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More Badge Collecting

Considering I recently made a post about collecting badges as an adult, I could not pass up making a post about a new site I just found.

One of the social networking sites I belong to is Foursquare–this is a location-based check-in site, and one can earn virtual badges based off of a number of factors, like type of venue, how often you go a specific place, etc. Today, I was on The Kruser checking out the newest update on Foursquare badges (seriously, I can’t recommend this site enough if you play Foursquare) when I decided to explore a little (since I’m bored out of my skull here at WIT) and stumbled upon Untapped–a BEER-BASED check in social networking site! Their tagline is “Drink Socially.”

I have to admit I’m intrigued, especially since we’re in the middle of Anthesteria, a festival devoted to Dionysos, opening new wine, flowers and the deceased (the last 2 have nothing to do with this post, but are very important parts of the festival). And, it might expand my beer horizons. But then I get into the whole idea of “Do I really want to make sure I’m checking in each time a drink a beer?” Maybe if others start playing, I will too since I’d be able to compare notes. Otherwise, I might get bored.

Semi-related, when Jere and I go to NYC at the end of the month, we’re going to be on a mission to collect as many of the related Foursquare badges as we can. I can’t wait!


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