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A Confession

Today, I read an article on Discovery news entitled, “Women’s Clothing Sizes: Is a 4 Really a 4?” and it hit a sore spot within my psyche. From the article for those of you not interested in reading it:


  • As Americans have grown bigger, clothing sizes have become more generous.
  • The way clothes fit has a big impact on how women feel about their bodies and themselves.
  • In general, most clothes don’t fit most people very well.

None of this is unfamiliar to us these days, but it was the last paragraph of the article, a quote from researcher Lenda Jo Connell from Auburn University, that made me decide to write a post. She said, “Research shows that women tend not to say, ‘These manufacturers need to get off it and figure out good sizing that fits the American public,” Connell said. “They say, ‘I don’t fit the average size, and there’s something wrong with me.’ I think it’s really devastating to so many people.(emphasis mine)

It IS devastating. Ellie probably can’t tell you the number of times I’ve have breakdowns in the middle of a store dressing room, or how many shirts I have that are slightly too big because it’s easier than worrying about the possibility of the little rolls on my back showing, or to hide the size and shape of my chest. I’d seriously wear super-strength sports bras all the time except I think they make me look worse than regular bras. The number 1 reason I don’t wear skirts other than when I dress up? Because it’s too much work to find shorts that will look okay under them, I don’t like the look of leggings, and spanx are too uncomfortable to wear unless I have to.I’ve essentially stopped wearing shorts because I’m so mentally and physically uncomfortable in them when I sit or walk. I try to avoid button-down blouses just in case there is gaping. I can’t go shopping alone because I will second, third, and fourth guess everything until I’m in a panic.

I’ll admit that I loathe my body. You name a part, and I hate it, except my eyes. Those are the 2 things on my entire body that can be seen without machines that don’t make me want to cry when looking at them. And I even want to replace those by getting Lasik.

Am I hideous? No, and I realize there are people out there with bigger problems, but it doesn’t make mine any less difficult to live with. I also know that I’m not alone, which makes me feel a little better, but fails to solve the problem, which is continually perpetuated and reinforced by media and designers.

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Am I Socially Networking?

I’m not very good at the social networking thing…

I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter, and have basically used it as a means of updating my status on Facebook. However, with the invention (and my purchasing) of smartphones, I have begun to just update Facebook from my phone–more characters and guaranteed posting, unlike Twitter.

This is making me re-think what I am going to use my Twitter for. I am not getting rid of it because I like reading the updates from the people I follow, but I’m not really sure what I want to use it for. Part of me is tempted to change my username and use it for semi-professional social networking. I’d do more than JUST Higher Ed posting, but this way I could try to be more interactive within that community and not directly tie this online handle to my professional life–not that I feel embarassed by anything I have posted here or anywhere else that I use the name ‘eternalhearts,’ but some posts may be less professional than they could be and some are of a semi-personal nature that I don’t necessarily want future or former colleagues to know about. However, I know that it’s almost impossible for there to NOT be some cross-over; it’s inevitable within this current world of over-connectedness. I still like to try to maintain SOME level of separateness and do my best to keep the two online handles separate.

I’ve got some thinking to do. Any suggestions/advice?

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How To Be Alone

This is a beautiful poem-turned performance piece that a friend posted on Facebook and I recommend everyone watch it.

And it doesn’t mean you’re not connected, that community’s not present, just take the perspective you get from being one person in one head and feel the effects of it. take silence and respect it. if you have an art that needs a practice, stop neglecting it. if your family doesn’t get you, or religious sect is not meant for you, don’t obsess about it.
you could be in an instant surrounded if you needed it

If your heart is bleeding make the best of it 

There is heat in freezing, be a testament.

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My Conservative is Showing

A bill before the legislature would require some of Massachusetts oldest banking, financial and insurance companies to look deep into their history — and the histories of subsidiaries and predecessor companies — to uncover links to the slave trade, as a condition of doing business with the state.

via Bill would probe fiscal legacy of slavery in Mass. – Boston.com.

Are we SERIOUSLY considering this? Did several other states REALLY pass this kind of crap? I have to admit to agreeing with House Republican leader Rep. Brad Jones,  who “called slavery ‘a historical stain that is never going to be erased,’ but said the proposal sounds more like an academic or historical project best undertaken by a university rather than state government.” Doesn’t our state legislature have WAY better things to be doing with their time and MY money than research this? I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks any major company in this country doesn’t have some ties to the slave trade if you dig back far enough. It was a major business from before Europeans even came to this country–if you think not one tribe of Native Americans didn’t turn their hostages into slaves, you are sadly mistaken. I’m not condoning the practice; it was and continues to be a blemish on the world and the US, but how about looking forward, to those problems faced by African-Americans due to generations of slavery and prejudice against their ancestors. How about trying to further reduce prejudice and discrimination that’s still happening in many areas. I just don’t see how this knowledge will be of any use to anyone.

I guess it all comes down to priorities–I feel that all branches of the government has better things to do (like successfully restructure the Mass Highways and MBTA to save the taxpayers’ money) than ‘study’ something that has no real bearing on society because it’s not going to change the past. Please do try to explain it to me though.

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Your Rights Only Go So Far

Mass. transgender inmate denied electrolysis – Boston.com.

You know what? I’m GLAD about this. I am all for Trans rights, but you are a convicted murderer and are already living on my tax dollar. I agree with her treatment and being allowed to live as a woman (I do think she should be moved to a female prison), but I can’t even afford my own electrolysis, let alone that of someone who is in prison! If you are in prison, you are being PUNISHED for breaking the law and don’t deserve more than basic human rights.

People, especially my girlfriend, are going to disagree with me, but that’s okay. This is not a case of discrimination, it’s a case of “tough cookies, you should have thought about the fact that there are consequences to your actions.”

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