So, one of the major components of the program I’m in is Assistantships–I applied to the program too late to get one. Something else that is huge is summer internships–I haven’t been offered an interview yet. I KNOW that the first round of the program I applied to isn’t over until February 10, and most offers aren’t even made until round 2. But honestly, I’m highly stressed about my ability to compete within this program without an assistantship or possibly, a summer internship. Maybe it’s my age–I’m significantly older than anyone in this program, so maybe internships don’t want me? Or am I just not cut out for this field?

I KNOW I’m being paranoid and melodramatic–let me have this. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.


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  1. Beth

    I hope you score something and I can understand feeling a bit paranoid about age being a barrier. You’d think we shouldn’t have to worry about it at relatively young age, but it’s something that has worried me every time I’ve applied for an internship or similar student-type opportunity. Carl is kind of in a similar situation, as he recently applied for an animal rescue internship and should really be a near-shoe-in for it, but I worry that people will see his high school graduation year and just blow him right off. Twenty-somethings aren’t the only ones who need training and entry-level experience! Anyway, again, I hope you find something, that would be very nifty. Good luck!